Ghost Net Landscape interactive installation & performance!

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Ukidama baskets - Japanese ghost net rope baskets, fiber art by Emily Miller

I am excited to announce the launch of my Ghost Net Landscape project! I’ll be collaborating with visitors over four weeks at each gallery, transforming a massive pile of “ghost net” fishing rope waste into finished sculptures.

You. Me. 600 pounds of ghost net. Mark your calendars to join us if you can!

Ghost Net Landscape interactive installation

May 2-25, 2019 — Elisabeth Jones Art Center, Portland OR
October 7-31, 2019 — Cawein Gallery at Pacific University, OR

I’d love to have your help bringing this project to life! The Ghost Net Landscape is not possible without your support. You can:

  1. Pre-order a 2019 basket
  2. Bring me rope
  3. Help transport the pile of rope
  4. Come create artwork with us in the gallery!

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