‘Night Sea’ ceramics exhibit in Portland

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Night Sea ceramics exhibit by artist Emily Miller - full moon and hatching turtlesFull Moon, 2017, porcelain, 20″ diameter. Hatching Turtles, 2017, porcelain and stoneware, 1.5″ each.

A collection of my recent and brand-new ceramics will be on display at Georgie’s Ceramic & Clay in Northeast Portland from January 13 through March 21, 2018.

Join me on January 13 from 2-4pm for the exhibit’s opening reception!
Moon Bowls - ceramic sculpture by Emily MillerMoon Bowls (Full Moon and Dark Moon), 2017. Porcelain and stoneware, 20″ diameter, each.

I’ll be unveiling the first iteration of my newest project, Moon Bowls, featuring an accurate, carved relief Full Moon and Dark Moon, and the cascading effects they have on life in our ocean world. The cycles of the sun, moon and tides dictate spawning, feeding, birth and migration patterns in ways we are still discovering.

Click here to preview all the works in the exhibit.

I’ve titled this exhibit “Night Sea,” as it includes a collection of my work exploring two of my greatest loves: the infinite blackness of space, and the explosion of life in the depths of the ocean. Bringing these works together made me more aware of the connection between vast geological cycles and the natural rhythms of life. I find peace and joy in exploring the mystery and beauty of these unknown environments, and studying the real and imagined points of light, and life, that enliven the depths.

Wanderers glow pots and Ostrea giant shells on display at Night Sea art exhibitWanderers, 2016, porcelain and glow pigment, 4″ – 6″ high, each.
Ostrea, 2017, stoneware, 20″ – 30″ diameter, each.

The contrast of light and darkness is an ongoing focus in my work, complemented by the tactile contrast of smooth and rough surfaces in my sculpture. I use these contrasts to explore ideas of inner and outer spaces, playful discovery, and delight in the unknown.

Lagoon Pots and Anemone PotsLagoon Pots, 2017, porcelain, 4″ – 6″ diameter, each.
Anemone Pots, 2017, stoneware, 4″ – 6″ diameter, each.

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